Student’s Nurse Association at HiCON 

The SNA unit at HiCON was established on 17th September 2009. Elections were held and the office bearers of SNA were selected, who would be carrying out the all important and heavy duty responsibilities of the SNA activities of the year. The members who won with staggering number of votes are
Ms. Shirin Ansari – Vice President
Ms. Nikita Mathew – Secretary
Ms. Princy Paul – Treasurer
Ms. Sharon Thomas – SNA representative


  • To focus on opportunities that promote a healthy community, help one to have the nursing skills, and increase the visibility and positive image of nursing.

  • To promote learning and personal growth in students by encouraging specific student leadership development outcomes.

  • To support and promote student involvement in campus governance through participation in the student government association.

  • To promote and encourage participation in community affairs and activities towards improving health care and resolving related issues.

  • To represent nursing students to the health care consumer, institutions, and other professional organizations.

  • To promote and encourage student participation in interdisciplinary activities.

  • To promote and encourage recruitment efforts, participation in student activities and educational opportunities, regardless of a person’s race, colors, creed, sex, lifestyle, national origin, age or economic status.

The Vision
To establish sufficient high quality, diverse nurses thereby improving education, employment and practice.

SNA Activities conducted

Welcome Party

‘Come in the evening, come in the morning,
Come when expected, come without warning,
Thousands of welcomes you’ll find here before you,
And the often you come the more we’ll adore you’.

  – Irish Rhyme 

The 1st yr BSc Nursing students were whole-heartedly welcomed by the faculty of HiCON and the managing team of Dr. L. H. Hiranandani Hospital on 19th September 2009. A party was arranged with music, games, food and loads of masti to grace the occasion. Needless to say, the party was a huge hit.

Diwali Party

Deepawali, the festivals of lights was joyously celebrated by the students and faculty on 16th October 2009. A breathtaking rangoli with a kaleidoscope of colours was made to welcome everyone in the colourful way for which India is worldly acclaimed for. The college was decorated with lights, which added to the illuminous festival. 

World Hand Washing Day

"Spread the word, not the germs wash hands save lives!"
The above slogan accurately portrays the sentiments of all who were present on the World Hand-washing Day celebrations at HiCON.
A very enthusiastic, informative and interesting skit about the importance of hand washing was put up by the 1st Yr. BSc Nursing students. The audience went back enlightened and entertained. 

World Diabetes Day

"Understand Diabetes ……….Take control "
The slogan for world diabetes day took a whole new meaning at HiCON as the students performed a street play based on prevention of diabetes. The day was celebrated with much gusto and zeal as the students understood the importance of preventing diabetes in youth and taking control of the diabetes crisis situation prevalent across our nation. 

World AIDS Day

'Universal Access and Human Rights'  

The protection of human rights is fundamental to combating the global HIV and AIDS epidemic. Violations against human rights fuel the spread of HIV. By promoting individual human rights, people who have HIV can live free from discrimination.
This thought was put across very well by the 1st Year Bsc.Nursing students through an extremely well-executed street play. The message was taken across by the students to both the audience at the hospital and to the streets. The concern was well drilled into the minds of common man.

JAMBOREE – A noisy celebration !!!

JAMBOREE 2010 rocked in with great enthusiasm, cheerful smile all round. It was colourful!

The HiCON festival lived up to its name thanks to the young bunch of HiCONites.
The whistles and shouts were back on the campus. The very first college festival of HiCON, JAMBOREE was held on 2nd February 2010 amidst lots of enthusiasm and furor. A college fest is a platform for students from all over to interact, share experiences and involve themselves in healthy competition. It is a journey full of lessons that are not taught in classrooms, it’s a story of friendships and of working together, of community building within the campus and of building one’s personality. A fest is, in short, a lesson in life. Every college’s festival bears its stamp bespeaking the culture, rituals and rules of the institute. They are a platform where different kinds of people from diverse

backgrounds share the same stage and showcase the plethora of their talents. And the treasure of talents was in galore. The competitions held were in the areas of debate, music, dance, painting and creativity out of waste. All were winners in their own right; however, as rankings have to be given, the judges took upon this herculean task up on themselves and came up with apt results.

To sum it up, the celebration was a memorable day to all the HiCONites.

Candlelighting Day

If love can't cure it, nurses can."
-- Anonymous
Florence Nightingale became known as the "lady with the lamp." As a tribute to Florence's dedication, the lamp icon became symbolic of nursing. The lamp will always shine brightly as a symbol of the care and devotion the nurse administers to the sick and injured in the practice of Nursing.

Thus, the students of Hiranandani College of Nursing honored the dedication of Nurse Nightingale and symbolically pledged to carry the ideals for which she stood in the Candle Lighting ceremony held on 6th February 2010.
The ceremony was blessed by the Chairman of Hiranandani Foundation, Dr. L. H. Hiranadani. The parents of the students also graced the occasion and cheered on for the nightingales embarking on their adventure.

sna activity AY 2011-12



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